Space Environment
Space Environment

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This hypertext version of the ECSS document ECSS-E-ST-10-04C Space Environment issued on 15 November 2009 is provided without any guarantee about the content and its covertness with regard to the official version.  The official version could be retrieved from the website  The use of this hypertext version of the document is constrainted by the same license agreement as the official version (see ECSS license agreement). 
The modifications made in order to generate the hypertext document are summarized in the Document History section.

Table of Content

    Change log
  1 Scope
  4 Gravity
    6.3 Tables
  8 Plasmas
    9.4 Tables
    A.2 Tables
    B.9 Tables
    C.1 Flux models
    C.2 Tables
    D.4 Tables
    E.6 Tables
    F.8 Tables
    G.9 Tables
    H.4 Tables
    I.8 Tables
    J.5 Tables
    K.1 Models

Document History

In order to generate this hypertext document, the following modifications have been made:

  • Extracting the MS-Word file ECSS-E-ST-10-04C(15November2008).doc from ECSS-CD(6March2009).iso
  • Modifying the MS-Word file :
    • Fixing floating text (1 occurence)
    • Adding hyperlinks to SPENVIS (see Specifics Items)
    • Rebuilding the Table of Contents
  • Saving the MS-Word file as HTML using mode Compatible at least with MS-Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 4
    The following warnings were issued:
    • Raised text will become superscript, and lowered text will become subscript. (139 occurences)
    • Equations, combined characters, enclosed characters and phonetic guides will appear as regular text. (1 occurence)
    • Pictures and objects with text wrapping will become left or right aligned. (1 occurence)
    • Text in the left margin will move to the right. (3 occurences)
  • Splitting HTML file into multiples files:
    • 321 files generated
    • cross-references links rebuilt (based on original MS-Word cross-references)
    • links to SPENVIS index added (see Specifics Items)
    • Table of Content built
  • Published on August 20, 2009

Specific items

This hypertext version of ECSS documents includes the following added items :

  • Links to models implemented in the SPENVIS system (identified by [icon] icon)
  • Links to the SPENVIS index (identified by [icon] icon)


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