Welcome to ESA's Space Environment Information System, a WWW interface to models of the space environment and its effects, including the cosmic rays, natural radiation belts, solar energetic particles, plasmas, gases, and "micro-particles". 

Space Situational Awareness
In the framework of ESA's Space Situational Awareness Programme, the version 4.6.4 of SPENVIS has been re-deployed in Redu Data Centre.  Read more.

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Beside a large set of contextual help pages, the SPENVIS system includes a forum () where users can exchange their experiences and tips.  In case of problems, please consult our bug tracker system () and feel free to post any bugs. 

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System requirements
SPENVIS requires a browser with JavaScript support (tested with Firefox 23 and MS-IE 9).  Some outputs require a VRML/X3D plugin (tested with Octaga Player 

Current version
The current version of SPENVIS (4.6.7) was released on October 4, 2013. 

Project Manager: Michel Kruglanski
Application Engineers: Erwin De Donder & Neophytos Messios
IT development: Emmanuel Gamby, Laszlo Hetey & Stijn Calders
Contact: spenvis_team@aeronomie.be

ESA Technical Officer: H. Evans