The SPENVIS project is funded via the European Space Agency General Support Technologies Programme (GSTP) by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. It was initiated by the ESA/ESTEC Space Environment and Effects Section (TEC-EPS). The project is developed by the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB) under ESA contracts n°11711/95/NL/JG(SC)-WO1, n°19786/05/NL/GLC/jk and n°4000134504/21/NL/CRS.


We thank the following persons for supplying models and/or assisting with their implementation: J.H. Adams (CREME), B.E. Anspaugh (EQFRUX, EQFRUXGA), F. Barlier (DTM), D. Bilitza (IRI, MSIS, MET, HWM), R.A. Bond (SOLARC, LEOPOLD), R.P. Cerdeira (NeQuick v2.0) , S. Chabrillat (MSISE-90), L. Desorgher (MAGNETOCOSMICS, PLANETOCOSMICS), G. Drolshagen (meteoroid-debris models), H. Evans (orbit generator, NIEL), M.A. Hapgood (coordinate transformations), A.D. Johnstone (CRRES/LEPA charging data sets), G. Kockarts (MSISE-90), M. Kruglanski (UNILIB magnetic field software library), Y.P. Maltsev (Ostapenko-Maltsev magnetic field model), K.A. Pfitzer (Olson-Pfitzer magnetic field models), M. Ratliff (JPL solar proton models), D.J. Rodgers (GORIZONT/ADIPE charging data sets, DICTAT, SOLARC, LEOPOLD), S.M. Seltzer (SHIELDOSE), J. Sorensen (ATOMOX), G. Spitale (JPL solar proton models), C. Tranquille (solar proton models), N. Tsyganenko (magnetic field models), G. Wrenn (EQUIPOT), W. Johnston (IRENE - AE9/AP9), D. Heynderickx (SAPPHIRE, SSREM).


We thank the following persons for supplying data sets and/or assisting with their implementation: J.B. Blake (SAMPEX/PET), P. Bühler (REM on MIR and STRV 1b), A.J. Coates (Meteosat-3/SEM2), H.A. Garcia (GOES/SEM), D.K. Hovestadt (AZUR/EI-88), E. Keppler (ISEE 2/KED), A. Lazarus (Indices-WIND/SWE), H. Leinbach (GOES/SEM), M.D. Looper (SAMPEX/PET), G.M. Mason (SAMPEX/PET), K. Ogilvie (Indices-WIND/SWE), M. Pelliccioni (Fluence-to-Effective Dose/Ambient Dose Equivalent conversion coefficients), B.E. Rowland (Indices-WIND/MFI), J.T. Steinberg (Indices-WIND/SWE), F.X. Timmes (Lieske routines/E5 parameters in J2000), A.L. Vampola (CRRES/MEA), D.J. Williams (ISEE 1/WIM), D. Wilkinson (GOES/SEM), J.D. Winningham (UARS/PEM), M. Xapsos (PSYCHIC), A. Zehnder (REM on MIR and STRV 1b).