SPENVIS User Workshop 2013
Brussels, Belgium
22 - 24 May 2013

Steering Committee: M. Kruglanski (BIRA/IASB), H. Evans (ESA/ESTEC), E. Daly (ESA/ESTEC), D. Rodgers (ESA/ESTEC)

The SPENVIS User Workshop will be held at the Royal Library of Belgium, Belgium's national and scientific library. It is one of the most important libraries in Europe since its history goes back to the 15th century. It is located in the heart of Brussels at walking distance from the Central Railway Station.

Workshop Goal

The main objective of this event is to bring the SPENVIS users together to share their experience and to identify their requirements. The workshop will focus on the current and the forthcoming Next Generation SPENVIS systems.

Topics include:

  • Current and future SPENVIS overview
  • Space Radiation Models and their accuracy
  • Space Environment Effects (charging, SEE, degradation, micro-particle impacts)
  • Geant4 Tools
  • Educational use of SPENVIS
  • SPENVIS and other tools

Local Committee

M. Kruglanski, N. Messios, E. De Donder, S. Calders, L. Hetey, S. Chabanski, S. Hallet and E. Gamby.


Registration is close.


SPENVIS is developed by a consortium led by the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy for ESA's Space Environments and Effects Section through its General Support Technology Programme