SPENVIS User's Workshop 2010
Mechelen, Belgium
7 - 9 June 2010

Steering Committee: M. Kruglanski (BIRA/IASB), H. Evans (ESA/ESTEC), E. Daly (ESA/ESTEC)

The SPENVIS User Workshop was held in Mechelen which is situated halfway between Brussels and Antwerp. Mechelen is a town with many cultural sites, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it is also here where the great "Gouden Carolus Beer" -winner of two "World Beer Awards" (2007, 2009) - is brewed. The workshop venue was at the Lamot Conference- and Heritage Centre.

Workshop goals
Organising committee

Workshop goals

The main objective of this event is to bring the SPENVIS users together to share their experiences and to identify their requirements. The workshop will also focus on the new and forthcoming developments of SPENVIS.


Monday, 7 June 2010
10h-14h00:SPENVIS workshop registration
Session 1: General presentation
14h00-14h10:Welcome and introduction (M. Kruglanski)
14h10-14h25:Belgian Science Policy (N. Parmentier)
14h25-15u00:ESA and SPENVIS (E. Daly)
15h00-15h30:SPENVIS in SSA Programme (A. Glover)
15h30-16h00:Coffee break
16h00-16h20:Who is using SPENVIS? (M. Kruglanski)
16h20-16h50:SPENVIS stand alone version (S. Calders)
Tuesday, 8 June 2010
Session 1: General presentation (cont'd)
09h00-09h25:SPENVIS Tutorial: mission concept (M. Kruglanski)
Session 2: Educational use
09h25-09h30:Introduction: student accounts (S. Calders)
09h30-10h00:Use of SPENVIS at Luleå University of Technology (J. Ejemalm)
10h00-10h30:Space Weather class in the Master After Master at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (G. Lapenta)
10h30-10h45:Coffee break
Session 3: Space Radiation and Damage
10h45-11h15:SPENVIS Tutorial: radiation package (E. De Donder)
11h15-12h00:Radiation damage and modelling techniques in solar cells (S. Messenger)
12h00-12h30:Applications and SPENVIS upgrades for Single Event Effects Analyses (H. Evans)
13h15-13h45:Energetic particle background observed in X-ray silicon detectors of SphinX experiment (S. Gburek)
14h15-14h45:Proton fluence experienced by C1XS onboard Chandrayaan-1 (J.P.D. Gow)
14h45-15h15:Coffee break
Session 4: Geant4 Tools
15h15-15h45:SPENVIS Tutorial: Geant4 package (N. Messios)
15h45-16h25:GRAS (H. Evans)
16h25-17h05:Reverse Monte Carlo (L. Desorgher)
17h05-17h25:SPENVIS Geometry Definition Tool (L. Hetey)
17h25-17h55:Round table
18h30:Workshop social event
Wednesday, 9 June 2010
Session 5: Third-party developments
09h00-09h30:Future and 3rd party developments (M. Kruglanski)
09h30-09h50:MarsRem (P. Truscott / D. Heynderickx)
09h50-10h10:JOREM (P. Truscott / D. Heynderickx)
10h10-10h30:Open data interface (D. Heynderickx)
10h30-11h00:Coffee break
11h00-12h30:Discussion / Round-up

Organising committee

M. Kruglanski, N. Messios, E. De Donder, S. Calders, L. Hetey, S. Fratta, T. Somers, T. Steegmans

Author: Stijn Calders
Last update: 14 June 2010